ICF announces changes to coaching log submission

Today, the ICF announced changes to the coaching log submission requirements for ACC, PCC and MCC credential applications.

Here is where you can read the full announcement here 

The key point being this. You need to keep your coaching log of clients if ICF audits you and requests it from you, but you don’t need to submit a coaching log with your ICF credential application.

The new European data privacy laws that commence May 25, 2018 are driving this change.

From the ICF announcement:

GDPR provides an opportunity for us to enhance our data privacy practices to benefit not only coaches who live and work in the EU, but every member of the ICF Global community. To this end, we are updating our credentialing application process to ensure compliance with GDPR and alignment with best practices for promoting data security.

Beginning May 24, 2018, at 12 Noon (New York), coaches will be required to complete an attestation of coaching experience included in the ICF Credential application. This will replace the submission of a coaching log and is intended to help protect the privacy of coaching clients.

To ensure the integrity of this updated process, ICF will conduct periodic audits to verify applicants’ coaching experience. This means that coaches should continue to obtain and document clients’ consent to store their information, have a policy on how that information will be protected and maintained, and have a system in place for tracking relevant data. (ICF will continue to provide a downloadable coaching log template on our website.) If an audit reveals that a coach has provided inaccurate or fraudulent information regarding their coaching experience, they may be subject to denial and/or revocation of their ICF Credential and may be prohibited from reapplying for an ICF Credential for up to five (5) years.


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