The Target Approach: Demystifying the ICF Core Competencies

Have you ever thought the following?

Frustrated Coach

  • How can I get all 11 core competencies into a 30 minute coaching session without feeling constrained?
  • I don’t want to be thinking about demonstrating the core competencies when I’m coaching.
  • I’m overwhelmed by having to remember 11 competencies. I just want a simpler way!
Excited woman with air punch

By viewing this 68 minute audio/visual presentation, you will powerfully increase your understanding of the 11 core competencies and have the potential to instantly take your coaching skills mastery up a level!


The Target Approach provides a simple, yet skillful roadmap on how to navigate the competencies in a way that is easy and immediately applicable in your own coaching, without having to pay for extra coach training hours!

Plus you’ll learn key distinctions between ACC, PCC and MCC level coaching that can instantly upgrade your awareness of what is transformational versus transactional coaching.

Note: The ICF released their Updated Core Competency Model in October 2019. I will be creating a new version of The Target Approach (date yet to be determined), which you will have access to upgrade to. Details of how to do that will be posted in the same place you login in to Vimeo to view The Target Approach. The ICF is not changing any of their assessing criteria for 2020, so the current Target Approach is still valid.


  • The Target Approach 68 minute audio visual with Carly narrating. You will have access to view the audio visual as often as you want to.
  • An overview of The Target Approach as a one-page PDF
  • The Target Approach audio only version as an MP3 to listen to whenever you want to!
  • The Target Approach slides as a PDF file
  • ICF PCC Markers document

Purchase The Target Approach audio visual

The Target Approach - Package A
The Target Approach - Package A
Access to Audio visual Target Approach recording, plus other items outlined above.
Price: $39.00

PACKAGE B – Receive all of the above PLUS a 30 minute web conferencing mentoring or coaching session with Carly.

In addition to The Target Approach audio/visual presentation, you will receive valuable time with Carly to use in any of the following ways:

  • Gain more clarity around The Target Approach and how you can use it effectively
  • Deepen your knowledge of the competencies through conversation with Carly (you’ll likely learn a lot in a short period of time)
  • Have some coaching on something you want to move forward

You have 6 weeks from purchase to schedule the session.

Purchase The Target Approach audio visual PLUS 30 minute web conferencing call with Carly

The Target Approach + 30 minutes session with Carly - Package B
The Target Approach + 30 minutes session with Carly - Package B
All items as outlined for Package A. PLUS 30 minute mentoring or coaching session with Carly Anderson, MCC
Price: $249.00


“Grateful. I feel like I’ve won the lottery. I purchased your Target Approach video and it is the evolutionary missing link! The single most helpful think I’ve done to understand the nuances of the competencies. Brilliant! And such value.

I’m not kidding when I say that I’m a far superior coach to who I was even a week ago. Thank you so much. You are a wonderful educator.”

Julia Mines, Personal Coach


“You have a lovely, quietly powerful way of explaining the competencies  and I personally found that while listening to your approach triggers fresh eyes, renewed energy and a new way.

So now when mentoring/supervising I recommend to coaches to go to your website, and read your blog articles, etc. So strange that after I became MCC, I’m so reflective, intuitive, and attentive to the core competencies!”  

MCC Coach


“Carly’s  representation of ICF’s Core Competencies in The Target Approach is superb. She has brought the competencies to life in a clever way and turned them into a profound, intrinsically useful framework for both beginner and expert coaches.

 Although I’ve been coaching executives and teams for nearly fifteen years, I found Carly’s thorough, professional program was a superb prompt about what exemplary coaching looks like. 

I’ll be a better coach because of it. Thanks Carly.”

Carolyn Stevens, PCC
Leading Performance


“The ICF Core Competencies are a road map for every coach to grow and develop personally and professionally, so they are critical to our success. Reading a list of 11 items, clustered under four topic headings with a total of 75 bullet points is not that easy to learn. All the information is there, but what does it mean?

What Carly has done so cleverly is make that important document come to life. Her program called The Target Approach does exactly as the name implies; it approaches the daunting list of competencies in a targeted and logical fashion. In other words it creates meaning to the words.

Carly brings her deep understanding of coaching to the work and presents the core competencies in a creative and accessible manner. Try it. You’ll like it.”

Cheryl Smith, MCC Leadscape Learning
Creator of workplace coaching systems and conversation tools