Part 2 – Distinctions on coaching session structure for ICF credential success

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Managing Session Progress

Once you’ve established the coaching session agreement and invited the client to choose where to start exploring, you use your coaching skills to the best of your level of mastery. You ask questions customized by your ...

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The Difference between a Teacher and a Coach

by Karen Boskemper, PCC, Co-Leader of The Mentor Coaching Group, and ICF Assessor

Apple to OrangeI was recently reading a Facebook post by spiritual teacher, educator and writer, Nithya Shanti (, whose life work is committed to supporting those who wish to awaken their natural wisdom. He shared the differences between a teacher and a ...

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Ways a Coach completes a session

Coaching client has last word

My last blog article was on “When a coaching session really begins.” In this article, I want to address the ways a coach completes a coaching session with their client.

Here are five of the main ICF core competencies most often in play:

1. Coaching Presence
2. Designing Actions
3. Managing Progress & Accountability
4. Establishing the Coaching ...

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