Don Eisenhauer reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“What a privilege it was to participate in Carly’s MCC Mentor Coaching Group. I knew I wanted to pursue my MCC, but I honestly wasn’t sure what it meant to coach at an MCC level. Through Carly’s informative teaching and feedback following each coaching session in my group, I learned what MCC Coaching was.

The most helpful aspect was my Individual Mentor Coaching sessions. There, Carly gave me invaluable feedback on my coaching recordings, and mentored me to the point I felt confident in submitting them to ICF.

I continue to use what I learned in Carly’s group as I coach those who are dying and those who are grieving, and as I teach others how to do the same.”

Don Eisenhauer, MCC
Don’s website (USA)

 Cheryl Smith reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“The ICF Core Competencies are a road map for every coach to grow and develop personally and professionally, so they are critical to our success. Reading a list of 11 items, clustered under four topic headings with a total of 70 bullet points is not that easy to learn. All the information is there, but what does it mean?

“What Carly has done so cleverly is make that important document come to life. Her program called The Target Approach does exactly as the name implies; it approaches the daunting list of competencies in a targeted and logical fashion. In other words, it creates meaning to the words. Carly brings her deep understanding of coaching to the work and presents the core competencies in a creative and accessible manner. Try it. You’ll like it.”

Cheryl Smith, MCC
Cheryl’s website (Canada)

Jane Maloney reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“Carly, I have huge appreciation for the quality of the learning tools, class instruction and feedback that you provided through the mentor coaching process.

Passing the ICF MCC exam provides me with validation from the organization that is committed to the quality and ethics of the coaching profession. But the deeper reward is the satisfaction I get from connecting more fully with my clients. That is a gift. Thank you.”

Jane Maloney, MCC
Jane’s website (USA)

Luciano Boccucci reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“When I decided to enroll in this program to prepare for my MCC credential application, I was looking for high quality supervision and international experiences, both from the participants and the Mentor Coach. And this is what I got!

I am very satisfied with the quality of the content, the organization of the program itself, and the resources I had access to.

The guidance from Carly, with the contribution of the participants, has been a phenomenal resource to advance me in my coaching journey.”

Luciano Boccucci, MCC
Luciano’s website (Italy)

Michelle Duval reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“Carly is an authentic, purposeful and passionate leader in the field of coaching.

As an esteemed and highly valued contributor to our Excelerate-Coach Mentoring program, Carly shares generously from her own journey and evolution to coaching mastery as well as provides high impact and potent feedback. Carly has a relentless commitment to the professionalism of coaching and an unyielding respect for our humanness and uniqueness.

Her rare ability to meld hard edged business results with the free flowing exploration of a person’s unique journey makes Carly a highly valuable coach mentor and true ambassador to the field of coaching.”

Michelle Duval
Michelle’s website (Australia)

Viorel Apetrie reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“This is one of the best coaching programs for advancing in the big leagues of coaches. Carly is a mix of operational guru, and source of “Being” inspiration.

Many resources available, personal communication, without formal patterns and cliches. The quality of interaction and guidance was extraordinary.”

Viorel Apetrei, MCC
Viorel’s website (Romania)

Michael Stratford reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“I’ve seen Carly coach and present on the ICF Core Competencies, and her integration and expression of their principles is second to none. She has an ability to distill the essence of the competencies into something that is easily understood and readily applied, having refined her mastery of them over years of coaching, mentoring and most especially, being an assessor for ICF.

There is no one else out there that I’ve experienced in my 25+ years of coaching that I would give a stronger referral to. (I’m an ICF MCC for 20+ years and former coaching instructor for 4 different coach training organizations, a current ICF assessor again myself).”

Michael Stratford, MCC
Michael’s website (USA)

Karen Konrath reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed The Mentor Coaching Group and the insights, wisdom and coaching you both provided during my participation.

While I’m not perfect (and likely will never be) I feel I push myself to always be improving, to always be coaching at the PCC level (not just the ACC level) and using the tips, techniques and education you provided through the process.

I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my career and anxious to not only continue to learn and grow, but to work with as many leaders as I can to be there with them as they learn and grow.”

Karen Konrath, ACC
Karen’s website (USA)

Doug Gfeller reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“In her model, The Target Approach, Carly does a masterful job of turning the list of 11 ICF Core Competencies into an easy to understand process for coaching. I would not hesitate to recommend this to both new and experienced coaches, to give their clients the best possible coaching experience in every session.

It is going to become my personal fallback resource to keep me relevant in my coaching.”

Doug Gfeller, MCC
Doug’s website (USA)

Linda Yort reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“Carly takes us to the core essence of the ICF Competencies in her presentation, “The Target Approach.” I have been a Coach for over twenty years, closely associated with the ICF; and I have never experienced the Competencies explained in a more clear, realistic, understandable and practical way that can be applied to any coaching situation.

Carly’s conversational presentation is perfect for growing coaches at all levels. Thank you for getting to the Heart of the matter, Carly.”

Linda Yort, MCC
Linda’s website (USA)

Charlotte Barfod reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“I had the pleasure to be a part of Carly´s positive and extremely present energy in the workshop, ‘Passing the ICF Certification Exams and more’…

“Carly explained things so simply that it was very easy to understand and integrate. She has a special ability to see and feel you and your process – and support you in a way that makes you grow more than one step at a time – even if she doesn’t say a word. Carly’s energy and wisdom is transforming on so many levels.”

Charlotte Barfod, PCC
Charlotte’s website (Denmark)

Olga Rybina reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“Carly mentored me in an unusual way. I do not speak English very well, so she listened to my coaching recordings in Russian, with an English transcript. Each time, she provided written core competency feedback to me, I incorporated into my coaching and then sent her another recording and transcript.

I received clear and direct feedback that moved me forward. I understood what I was doing well and what to improve. Carly was generous in sharing specific examples from her experience on how my coaching could be done differently; which questions would be more appropriate, and where there was a possibility to strengthen the session. I passed my MCC. If you want to become a master, choose Carly.”

Olga Rybina, MCC
Olga’s website (Russia)

Kristin Tague reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“I went in to this experience [of The Mentor Coaching Group] knowing I would gain valuable insight on my coaching – that is what I expected. But, my experience with both Carly and Karen as well as my classmates throughout the sessions had an even more profound impact on my coaching abilities than I had imagined.

For that incredible feedback that sparked my self awareness and helped me grow as a coach, I am extremely grateful. Both Carly and Karen epitomize and seemingly effortlessly model great coaching, and they inspired me – a truly wonderful gift they share with the participants!”

Kristin Tague, ACC
Corporate website (USA) 

 Deirdre Danahar reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“Before I selected a mentor group in preparation for my PCC, I interviewed several individuals, after which my mind and my gut said Carly’s the one for you. The ability to marry a rigorous approach with a compassionate delivery of feedback is not easily achieved, however Carly is a master of that. She offers straightforward reflections, that illuminate blind spots and strengths, and suggests possible strategies to build on both.

The impact of examining and refining my coaching skills in a challenging and positive environment has been evident to my clients. They have remarked how they are being pushed further through our coaching and are getting to their outcomes more quickly than they thought.”

Deirdre Danahar, PCC
Deirdre’s website (USA)

Suttathip (Nok) reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“English is not my native language; however, Carly and Karen helped me to perfectly understand in both the group and individual mentoring sessions.

I am happy I joined the course and I would recommend to those who want to improve their coaching skills to join too.”

Suttathip L (Nok), ACC
Suttathip’s website (Thailand)

John Mooney reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“Carly demonstrates extraordinary mastery as a Mentor Coach. She displays exceptional patience, provides thorough answers to course questions, and eagerly shares skills and published articles with her Mentor students.

She has a deep commitment towards the delivery of ICF Competencies and has exceeded my expectations as a Mentor Coach.”

John Mooney, ACC
John’s website (USA)

Marek Tondryk reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“I have enjoyed a lot of benefits from the Self-Study learning process. During this time, I developed my skills in the area of all core competencies. I have experienced the power of coaching presence and how much impact it has on clients.

Carly, with her idea of The Target Approach, shares unbelievably easy ways of learning things that seem to be difficult and complicated.

Thanks to this, my clients are achieving their goals faster and easier. Instead of thinking what to say, I can focus on what they have to say and who they are. Thank you Carly!”

Marek Tondryk, ACC
Marek’s website (Poland)

Patti M Thorn reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“I received notice today that I earned (and when I say earned, I mean stretched and stretched and doubted and took deep downward dives and then called up courage and confidence and stretched beyond what I thought was possible) my MCC!

It was an incredible learning journey for me. Simply amazing and transformative. Carly’s group was what awakened me to the possibilities of earning this credential. The training we received in the MCG group (with Michael’s incredible 1:1 coaching that helped me work through a personal fear that was holding me back) was spot on for the mastery level goals we are  able to achieve.”

Patti M Thorn, PhD, MCC
Patti’s website USA)

Mary Miller reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“I found this to be a most worthwhile program in terms of learning, time, and money. The fact that both Carly and Karen are actual ICF assessors makes the experience truly reality-based and on point for those who want to succeed in the credentialing process.

The MCG methodology really improved my coaching skills by embracing the organic, fluid nature of excellent coaching.

I achieved my Coach U Certified Graduate status, using the skills I learned in the MCG along with the enthusiastic support of Karen who later assisted me individually. I’m deeply grateful – thank you!” And I now have my PCC confirmed.

Mary Miller, CUCG, PCC
Mary’s website (USA)

Kirsten Dierolf reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“Carly mentored me when I was preparing for my MCC and I can highly recommend her as a mentor coach to anyone wishing to gain a credential.

She is highly professional, very knowledgeable about ICF credentialing, plus incredibly patient, funny, and wise. She has a wealth of resources (recordings, presentations, other material) available that was also very helpful.

Carly supported me as a learner, as a coach and as a person through the whole process.”

Kirsten Dierolf, MCC
Kirsten’s website (Germany)

Brigitta Theleman reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“In preparation for applying for my PCC, I knew I wanted to become an even stronger coach. For a program I just happened to find by doing a Google search, The Mentor Coaching Group experience was so beyond my expectations. And the whole experience elevated my coaching, and how I approach a coaching session.

Karen and Carly support you in becoming masterful in demonstrating the ICF core competencies, regardless of what credential level you may be preparing for.

For what could have felt like a very vulnerable experience to have my coaching observed by a group of fellow coaches, and two ICF credential assessors, it wasn’t. I felt supported while being stretched. I’m so grateful I invited Carly and Karen on my journey to my PCC, which I’m honored to say I now hold.”

Brigitta Theleman, PCC
Brigitta’s website (USA)

Christine Sachs reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“I was a good coach who needed to grow into a “master” to pass my MCC call reviews. The two things (of many) I will highlight is Carly’s methodology and her presence.

Her methodology breaks down the competencies in a fantastically understandable way. And bringing forth the being of a master coach, I cannot more highly acknowledge Carly’s being. She is passionate about the art and science of master-level coaching, and her presence with you and where you are in the process is supportive, rigorous, and compassionate. With Carly’s support, I passed my MCC evaluations!”

Christine Sachs, MCC
Christine’s website (USA)

Ziv Soferman reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“To get the MCC, I first took all the necessary education hours. What remained mainly was the two MCC level session recordings requirement. But how to get there?

I found Carly and was impressed from her being an MCC assessor and a teacher for new assessors as well. I took Carly’s 3 month The Mentor Coaching Group.

Carly systematically trained us using the PCC marker table in an MCC skill level grading from her experience. This gave a detailed “spectrum” of the areas of strength, and those which needed further development. This was very helpful to ensure a systematic growth in the session quality until, I was able to demonstrate full mastery.

I applied for MCC and voila – I passed the ICF MCC recording assessment with high grades!

Carly is friendly, encouraging and championing towards the goal. Acknowledging the strengths, yet consistently providing incisive instruction to advance skills where needed. She is generous in attention, and thorough in answering questions and clearing question marks and doubts.”

Ziv’s Soferman, MCC

Doreen Teo reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“Carly, FINALLY….I received news that I got my PCC certification! What a great learning experience – I have now a better understanding and appreciation of the ICF competencies and their application.

Thank you very much for partnering with me in this whole credentialing process; I am so glad I found you!

Without your support, I doubt I can succeed in my first try! Thank you!”

Doreen Teo, PCC
Doreen’s website (Singapore)

Cristian Nicolae reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“Before starting The Mentor Coaching Group with Carly, I had a bit list of WHAT to clarify from the program. During the whole period, I discovered a lot about myself and the coaching practice.

Carly’s way of being supportive and totally present bring loads of trust in myself and my coaching practice. I had at my disposal to use a diversity of high quality resources, which brought me fine new nuances and perspectives about ICF competencies, and new practical ways to apply them.

I personally and professionally grew. I enriched myself with multiple perspectives. And I got the clarity that I need regarding the coaching frame. Because paradoxically, even though there are 70 items comprised in the ICF competencies, I finally got the confirmation that coaching is much more about freedom of expression through dialogue, than it is about one way of being in a coaching frame.

And for ALL that, Carly, I respectfully THANK YOU!”

Cristian Nicolae, PCC
Cristian’s website (Romania)

Eric Feuerlicht reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“Participating in Carly’s mentoring program was one of the most impactful learning experiences of my career. The robust tool kit, hands-on practice and expert guidance that I received perfectly prepared me to apply for my PCC certification.

Due to Carly’s wonderful mentoring, I successfully passed all requirements and achieved PCC level. Thank you Carly.”

Eric Feuerlicht, PCC
Eric’s website (USA)

Brittany Barden reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“When I first started considering the process of pursuing my MCC, I had no idea the effort it would require of me nor the growth I would experience as an individual and as a coach. I have never been inclined to give up easily, yet there were points in the process that I doubted my ability to succeed.

Yet from my first conversation with Carly, I knew that her approach to coaching and to the ICF application process would empower me to succeed. Each interaction with her was a quality one and she gently yet consistently challenged me in the areas I needed most.

I certainly could not have obtained my MCC credential without her magnificent program and gracious support. I have already referred other coaches to her program and will not hesitate to do so in the future.”

Brittany Macdonald, MCC
Brittany’s website (USA)

Leena Khuffash reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“I did it! I am now a certified coach. Thank you so much for all of the love and support on this incredible journey!

You have supported me to open my mind to new learning and perception. I have stretched out of my comfort zone and became comfortable with being uncomfortable. I am truly empowered!”

Leena Khuffash, ACC
Leena’s website (Qatar)

Ioan Nicut reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“When I came to this mentor coaching group, I wanted to take my coaching to the next level. I knew I was missing something about my establishing the coaching agreement.

Now I am sure I have a proven way of helping the client get his or her best agenda for the session and the overall agreement. On top of that, I have a very clear plan of what I need to develop further about my other important coaching competencies, and a deep overall understanding of the coaching competencies.”

Ioan Nicut, PCC
Ioan’s website (Romania)

Kathleen Tribe reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“What a gift! Carly created a safe, supportive environment for group learning, with clear feedback that amplified strengths and offered specific ways each participant could grow. The distinctions you consistently highlight in practice, to shine the light on the “Who” versus the “What” components, were quite impactful.

My purpose in choosing this program was to deepen my capacity as coach, in preparation for MCC level accreditation. I’m now achieving my goals, with much greater clarity and confidence.”

Kathleen Tribe, MCC
Kathleen’s website (Canada)

Bonnie Wentworth reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“I would never have passed the MCC assessment without Carly’s supportive and challenging coaching! I worked with Carly and her Mentor Coaching Group for four months, and then continued individual mentor coaching with Carly for the next four months.

Not only did I pass the MCC, but more importantly, I am able to support my clients achieving deeper, transformational personal outcomes, in addition to becoming more adept at leading others.

Come prepared to work hard, learn a lot and push yourself out of your comfort zone – it will be well worth your time.”

Bonnie Wentworth, MCC
Bonnie’s website (USA)

Sam Patterson reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“Massive thanks to you Carly for your guidance, insight and support. I put in a heap of energy working toward my MCC and working with you meant my energy was channeled into the right areas.

You’ve set up the mentoring program in a way that we can immerse ourselves in coaching – learning through practice, listening, discussing and assessing. It’s challenging and uncomfortable at times, but it’s also fun and really satisfying.

Every step has been purposeful and thorough and now, having my MCC, there is an even greater sense of progress attached. Thank you!”

Sam Patterson, MCC
Sam’s website (Australia)

Ihab Badawi reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“It was a personal challenge as well as a sign of personal achievement to become an MCC. I was not sure if I can find a mentor that I can connect with and have the mentorship suitable to my learning style. Carly was able to understand my needs from the first call and was capable to connect with me at a level that made my journey seamless.

Her professional and most importantly authentic style made my journey exciting and full of learning. I was motivated to challenge myself and push forwards. Her vast experience in coaching and her capacity to transform both her experience and understanding of the core competencies at MCC level, were vital to my achievement.”

Ihab Badawi, MCC
Ihab’s website (Lebanon)

Laura Ravanetti reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“Carly remains my mentor and my model; even now that my MCC certification is completed I feel so proud and honoured about this.

I was doubtful in preparing the MCC level in English, as this was not my mother tongue and I might be imprecise with language in sessions with my American speaking clients.

Being part of Carly’s Mentor Coaching Group gave me huge abundance of high level sessions recorded in English, examples of linguistic standards from people all over the world, and the careful attention of an attentive mentor and a skilful group of peers who enabled my fastest and most secure growth. Adding a lot of laughing on top of that.”

Laura Ravanetti, MCC
Laura’s website (Italy)

Steve Jeffs reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“Carly’s program helped me to earn my MCC credential (on my first attempt). I realized I hadn’t had any training to move from PCC to MCC skill level. I learned that masterful coaching and passing the MCC exam were intimately related, yet quite different. Carly’s program served my understanding of both.

I selected Carly as my MCC mentor coach for a number of reasons, including because she came from a different coach training background, so she would help me connect with a coaching view, not just a school approach. She has vast experience in assessing ICF exams. She understands the complexities of coaching internationally, having coached and mentored across the globe. I highly recommended this program, and Carly.”

Steve Jeffs, MCC
Steve’s website (Dubai, UAE)

Steve Borek reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“I’ve been a fan of Carly’s blog posts for many years, regarding her insights on the ICF Core Competencies. I thought, if I’m receiving ginormous value from her free content, what value would I receive from her paid program? I knew Carly was the coach to uplevel my skills to achieve MCC.

There’s so much value in The Mentor Coaching Group. The twice-monthly web calls with peers, 1-1 coaching with Carly, and recorded coaching sessions demonstrating mastery in action.

I was recently awarded the MCC certification. Carly, I’m forever thankful for your insights, generosity, and how you modeled the way for me.”

Steve Borek, MCC
Steve’s website (Philippines/USA)

Yvonne O

“Thank you Carly for your incredible mentorship and passion in holding us to the highest standards on behalf of our clients and the coaching profession.

Your MCC programme is top notch. The individual and group sessions are brimful of expert guidance as well as insightful and specific feedback to grow coaching capabilities on the path to MCC. I came away with a treasure trove of insights and resources to revisit frequently to keep me on my toes as an MCC!

By joining your mentoring programme Carly, I fell more in love with coaching than ever before. Coaching is for life. And so is the learning!”

Yvonne O’Reilly, MCC
Website (Luxembourg)

Debra Habr reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“I obtained far more than I ever expected or knew was possible. I set out to be able to respond better to clients where they were and also improve my ability to hear what they were telling me.

What I received was a complete transformation of my coaching ability (and my life), which moved from my head to my heart. It was profound. I was a caterpillar and now I’m a butterfly. I’m a completely different coach with a completely different way of being in my life and with my clients.

My clients are making huge shifts and benefiting greatly. I did not anticipate such a profound change but I am so happy and grateful it happened.”

Debra Habr (preparing for PCC)
Debra’s website (USA)

Ozlem Erten reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“Yes, I am now a MCC! Thank you very much for your support. I learned a lot from you.

My mentor coaching and supervision journey was not only learning and deepening the skills, but also, a magical self-awareness process!

I take deeper breaths and pause more now! Thank you very much.”

Ozlem Erten, MCC
Ozlem’s website (Istanbul, Turkey)

Miriam Grogan reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“I would not have passed the MCC exam (and on the first try) without Carly’s insights and feedback. She knows the intricacies of the evaluation system and how tiny adjustments can make a big difference both in passing the exam and for my clients. She showed me how to make these adjustments while still being “me” as a coach.

I enjoyed the combination of 1:1 time with Carly, and the group sessions; what a bonus to meet coaches from other countries and other coaching backgrounds.

I highly recommend Carly’s mentor coaching group program to anyone who wants to elevate their skills.”

Miriam Grogan, MCC
Miriam’s website (USA)

Dominic Scaffidi reviews Carly Anderson, MCC

“Carly’s supportive and direct style challenged me to rise to another level in my coaching. Her passion and effectiveness in articulating the coaching competencies provided tremendous clarity, even after 10 years of coaching.

The library of recorded PCC and MCC coaching sessions offered some of the greatest learning and clear distinction between the levels.

The mentoring also went beyond my expectations with the extent of Carly’s specific written feedback and comments for submitted assignments.”

Dominic Scaffidi, MCC
Dominic’s’s website (Canada)