John Spence, ACC

“Taking the Mentor Coaching Program was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Carly’s Upgraded Targeted Approach gave me a framework for understanding and applying the ICF Coaching Competencies in a way that made deep, intuitive sense, especially since it was supported by her masterful and invitational coaching.

I was constantly amazed at Carly’s ability to provide tailored mentoring and insightful feedback that improved our coaching, regardless of our prior experience or expertise. Being part of a cohort was an added bonus that helped me appreciate the richness of the coaching field and the talents and qualities of coaches at all levels, from those like myself in the earlier stages of my coaching career to those seeking advanced certification.

Thanks to Carly’s guidance and this wonderful program, I was able to complete my ACC just as she had predicted. I am already looking forward to signing up again when I need to complete my mentor coaching for my PCC, and I’m sure the experience will be equally rich and rewarding.”