Kim Grabovsky, MCC

“Carly helped me achieve the impossible dream of becoming an ICF Master Certified Coach. For those going for your MCC, please have patience with yourself.  It took me a total of 9 mentoring sessions with Carly to shift my coaching to MCC standards and find 2 recordings to submit.  Although the Core Competency Worksheets (CCWs) were a pain and I hated listening to myself coach, it was all worth it in the end.

Carly not only changed my life professionally by teaching me coaching skills I didn’t know were possible, but she also changed who I am personally. Because I am coaching at a higher level, I can cut right to the core of my own challenges and unlock new possibilities with ease. I am no longer my worst critic but my strongest advocate. Through Carly’s support in becoming an MCC, I feel more confident, at ease, compassionate, empowered, and unleashed. Thank you Carly, for calling forth the greatness in me and others!”