Ziv Soferman, MCC (Israel)

“To get the MCC, I first took all the necessary education hours. What remained mainly was the two MCC level session recordings requirement. But how to get there?

I found Carly and was impressed from her being an MCC assessor and a teacher for new assessors as well. I took Carly’s 3 month The Mentor Coaching Group.

Carly systematically trained us using the PCC marker table in an MCC skill level grading from her experience. This gave a detailed “spectrum” of the areas of strength, and those which needed further development. This was very helpful to ensure a systematic growth in the session quality until, I was able to demonstrate full mastery.

I applied for MCC and voila – I passed the ICF MCC recording assessment with high grades!

Carly is friendly, encouraging and championing towards the goal. Acknowledging the strengths, yet consistently providing incisive instruction to advance skills where needed. She is generous in attention, and thorough in answering questions and clearing question marks and doubts.”