Cristian Nicolae, PCC

“Before starting The Mentor Coaching Group with Carly, I had a bit list of WHAT to clarify from the program. During the whole period, I discovered a lot about myself and the coaching practice.

Carly’s way of being supportive and totally present bring loads of trust in myself and my coaching practice. I had at my disposal to use a diversity of high quality resources, which brought me fine new nuances and perspectives about ICF competencies, and new practical ways to apply them.

I personally and professionally grew. I enriched myself with multiple perspectives. And I got the clarity that I need regarding the coaching frame. Because paradoxically, even though there are 70 items comprised in the ICF competencies, I finally got the confirmation that coaching is much more about freedom of expression through dialogue, than it is about one way of being in a coaching frame.

And for ALL that, Carly, I respectfully THANK YOU!”