ICF announces changes to MCC, PCC and ACC credential applications and renewals

Today, February 15, 2018, the International Coach Federation (ICF) announced a range of changes that will affect the MCC, PCC and ACC credential applications.

Rather than outline them all here, I’ve made a PDF of the email I received today (as a CCE’s provider). The general announcement to all ICF members will be made next week. Once you have read and digested the information in the PDF, you are welcome to email me if you’d like anything clarified.

The first changes take effect from July 31, 2018.

Personally, as a Mentor Coach, Provider of an ICF CCE program, and as an ICF Assessor for MCC, PCC and ACC credentials, I support these changes. Watching the Winter Olympics, I’m aware of the term ‘progression’ used especially in association with Snowboarding. It’s great to see the ICF continuing to look at their professional standards, and progressing.

I also like that the only time upcoming Policy Changes will be announced from here on, is in February of each year.

Carly Anderson, MCC


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Start early with your mentoring requirements in the year of your renewal, especially if you plan to submit for your next credential instead of renew your current one. You will need to submit your application by mid August in order to accommodate the 18 week ICF process.

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2 thoughts on “ICF announces changes to MCC, PCC and ACC credential applications and renewals

  1. HI Carly ,
    We used to have a clear schedule that indicated who needed to do what at which level. Is that still out there?
    I have completed ACC and PCC training, but will need to renew my ACC accreditation by December 31 2018.. How to go about his in as simple a way as possible?

  2. Hi Augusta,

    I just went to ICF website and here is the page for renewing https://coachfederation.org/icf-credential/renew-credential

    I’m not sure what you are referring to in terms of a chart. For PCC, ICF now assesses using the PCC Markers (I’m one of ICF Assessors for this). There is a comparison chart still available however it’s not as relevant for PCC in particular anymore. And for ACC renewal, I mentor to PCC Markers so you get alot of additional learning.

    If you want to recertify your ACC, I have a 24 hour CCEs program commencing June 13, and there are still some spaces available. Contact me via my webpage https://carlyanderson.com/contact and we can speak. I’m traveling from May 20-31 so if you want to speak this week, please contact me asap.

    All my best to you,
    Carly Anderson

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