ICF adds Ethics component to Credential Renewal requirements

CCE_logoThis is a press release from the ICF of February 18, 2016. This impacts all coaches renewing their ACC, PCC and MCC credential in 2016.

From the Press Release

Beginning in 2016, ICF Credential-holders will be required to demonstrate completion of at least three (3) Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units in the area of coaching ethics to be eligible for renewal of their ICF Credentials.

This requirement will apply to all coaches whose ICF Credential are slated to expire on or after December 31, 2016. It will not apply to coaches whose ICF Credential expires on December 31, 2015.

This update to ICF Credential renewal requirements reflects the ongoing need for professional coach practitioners to maintain ethical competence and awareness. Ethical awareness is critical when navigating the coaching profession and ethical competence is imperative to appropriate and effective coaching practice.

ICF recognizes that there are a variety of avenues to obtain ethics-specific training, including CCE programs and ICF Chapter events. As a special service, ICF Global has developed a free ethics training course that, upon completion, will guarantee three (3) ethics CCE units. In addition to meeting the ethics requirement, this course will provide three (3) of the required 24 Core Competency CCE units for ICF Credential renewal.

As an ICF member, you can sign in here to view and complete the Ethics CCE Course.

How to complete 26.5 Core Competency CCE units

The Mentor Coaching Group is approved for 23.5 Core Competency CCE units. Complete the 3 ethics CCE units offered by the ICF and you have 26.5 of your 40 required CCE units for credential renewal!

The course consists of an OnDemand video presentation from the ICF Ethics Community of Practice, a case study component and a summative final exam. Upon successful completion of all three components, individuals will receive a certificate of completion from ICF Global; their name will also be stored in ICF Global’s database to confirm completion at the time of renewal.

Are you preparing for your first or next ICF Credential?

Do you want to “Sharpen the Saw” as a Coaching Professional?

Our next Group/Individual Mentoring Program commences in April 2016 (open to all skill levels) and carries 23.5 ICF Core Competency CCE units!

Don’t wait until later in the year to start your mentoring requirements or to obtain CCE units for credential renewal!

You can learn more here

Carly Anderson and Karen Boskemper offer an awesome mentor coaching group and individual program that has many exclusive offerings for our participants. Both have been trained by the ICF to assess using the new PCC Markers.

One of those offerings is an extensive library of MCC, PCC and ACC coaching sessions for our participants to listen to, evaluate, debrief, and learn from, along with The Target Approach to demystifying the ICF core competencies. These are incredibly valuable learning tools, and will accelerate your understanding of competency distinctions.

Here’s where you’ll find more about The Mentor Coaching Group