Finding center

Our world is complex, and our relationship with the world is complex. Our personal “world” and what is going on at any given time is also complex. There are known elements and unknown; both can be experienced feeling emotions ranging from happiness to sadness and every emotion in between.

For example, this week I was feeling fear and anxiety for days because of an initial scan and medical diagnosis. A few days later I felt joy and elation because the diagnosis was determined to require no further testing.

In between fear, anxiety, joy and elation, I have been experiencing many layers of emotions because of multiple things going on in my own life, as well as what is happening in different parts of the world. My emotions range from lightness, happiness, calm as well as moments when I’ve cried and felt hopeless. I’ve had challenges sleeping (well that’s not a new thing ). I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching athletes (on television) playing tennis and football, and observing their emotions shift through the course of the game. I’ve enjoyed watching more of the Netflix series, Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (animation)

The center of the storm

I’m always seeking to find my center while in the midst of “a storm.” While a simplistic use of this metaphor, a hurricane has a calm center, while there is chaos in the layers that move out from the center. If I can find my way into the center of the storm, there is peace, or relative peace. To mix metaphors, I feel grounded, on solid ground, while in the calm center of a storm .

One of my best practices for grounding is attending a Bikram hot yoga class, which gives me 90 minutes time, presence and space to ground, which often means I process a lot of “stuff” in my body, brain and emotions. In fact, while writing this article, I paused and went to a class. It’s most often an incredible transformation I’m in awe of, and I’m so very grateful I’ve been practicing for 15 years, so far.


I have developed a range of grounding and centering practices that work for me, my body, mind and spirit. One of them is an intentional remembering of what I do have, versus what I don’t.

Gratefulness is one practice that returns me to my center. Here’s my morning “prayer” I silently say to myself as I emerge from rest into my day. These words have rich, deep meaning for me and I do my best to feel each of them deeply as I say them to myself;

I am grateful for my Healing

I am grateful for my Health

I am grateful for my Husband

I am grateful for my Home

I am grateful for my Happiness

I am grateful for my Work

I am grateful for my Wealth*

I am grateful.

I also energetically imagine sending out into the world love, peace, appreciation, understanding and healing.

*Wealth is more than financial means for me; it’s a feeling of Enough, and appreciating what I have already have.

In closing…

“A mind at peace, a mind centered, and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any other physical force in the universe.”  Wayne Dyer

As coaches we are in the human development field. Finding our center and being grounded supports our clients to receive our best Presence for them.

Perhaps consider:

  • What are your ways of grounding yourself?
  • What helps you to find your center again?

Written by Carly Anderson, MCC


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