Butterfly on the Wall Coaching Series

Have you ever wanted to be a “butterfly” on the wall hanging out (inconspicuously, of course) while an experienced coach is coaching their client?


Here’s a very rare, unique opportunity to get an insider’s peek into the real relationship between a master coach and her client as it develops through 15 consecutive coaching sessions.



I first coached this client during 2019, and we both enjoyed the experience so much we agreed to a longer engagement during 2020, which ended up being 16 coaching sessions in total, of which we recorded all but the final session.

These sessions were explicitly recorded for learning purposes, and I had no idea this would become 15 sessions being offered for coaches to learn from. The sessions were recorded using zoom audio-visual conferencing.

This is an ideal client for me; she is open, curious, and wants to be asked questions and offered observations that give her an opportunity to examine herself from different perspectives, that support her to have forward movement in meaningful ways for her.

The client has given her permission for the audio recording of these sessions to be offered for coaches to listen to and has approved this product offering. She has reviewed every page of this offering. I would not offer this unless she was 100% comfortable with doing so. I have chosen not to give her name in this public space, and only her first name is used when you are listening to the audio recordings.

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The gift this client has given to the coaching community is priceless.

Most coaches have never heard a coaching engagement of this length.


Context of the Client

This client is not a trained coach, and has not participated in coaching skills training. She does have a personal development mindset which means she wants to improve herself.

This client has lived in a Scandinavian country for around 20 years, is married to a Scandinavian man and they have two young teenage children. Her country of origin though is a Mediterranean country with a history of unrest, and there are often cultural differences at play for her. We began with a focus in her work and leadership settings, and the coaching expanded to more personal ways of expression, communication, effectiveness, and self-management. And happiness! All coaching is ultimately personal though, as there is always a “person” being coached.

The beautiful thing is most of the sessions are very relatable to most people; from exploring confidence, the value one brings to their work, exploring strengths, habits, the inner critical voice, managing emotions, speaking up in meetings, finding common ground, leading others, being a parent to teenagers, when is to stop doing more, enjoying life, judging others, and much more.

Each session is rich, with many metaphors and exploration of the client world of thoughts and emotions, of visual language and concepts. I’ve given each session a title and a short description to give an indication of the flavor of that session. No two sessions are the same and yet there is overlap between sessions, as the client explores more about a theme, or goes deeper into an area.



The symbolism of butterflies is meaningful to the client, and also to me. Being in the human development field as a professional coach, mentor coach and trainer of coaches, I am honored to witness many “butterfly” moments where clients transform themselves into someone even more beautiful. There’s often a shedding of identity, and letting go of inaccurate depictions of self. It’s quite a miracle of nature to see a caterpillar transform into a butterfly, and an honor to witness the same transformation with clients.



Receive an experienced Mentor Coach, and Assessor viewpoint of each session!

I’ve been an active ICF Assessor since 2005, regularly evaluating ACC, PCC and MCC recordings, called “Performance Evaluations” by the ICF.  I’ve listened to close to 1000 coaching sessions between ICF recordings, and coaching sessions that my mentoring clients review with me as part of the mentoring program I offer. More than 100 coaches I’ve mentored have passed the MCC performance evaluation exam and many more have passed their PCC and ACC exam.

While I always use my best understanding of masterful coaching skills, not every coaching session may meet criteria to pass an ICF MCC Performance Evaluation exam process.

I provide a detailed written Core Competency Worksheet (CCW) for each session, like I do for every coach I mentor using the ICF Updated Core Competency Model. This means I’ve listened to each coaching session recording, and objectively rated the coaching skills used, in response to what the client offered verbally and non-verbally. You’ll find an example on the Series One page, for Session One.

While the majority of the 15 coaching sessions would likely pass the MCC performance evaluation, there are a couple of the sessions that would be PCC skill level.  I provide written insights into each coaching session, including strengths and development opportunities, along with the credential level that each session represents. I’ve used the Ten Characteristics of MCC Skill Level to offer distinctions from PCC, to MCC skill level.


Who is this for?

  • Coaches with a growth mindset who want to improve their coaching skills by “listening, reviewing and learning.”

  • Coaches committed to their ongoing “Path of Development” from beginner, to intermediate, to master coach.

  • Newer (ACC) level coaches who want to be inspired to develop their coaching skills

  • Intermediate (PCC) level coaches who want to know the benefits of moving toward MCC skill level coaching

  • Coaches interested in hearing what coaching is, versus blending consulting, training, or therapy.

  • Coaching skills training organizations who realize what a rare gift it is to offer students an opportunity to hear and evaluate 15 consecutive coaching sessions and support them in their learning.

  • For those renewing an ICF credential, you can provide up to 16 hours of Professional Development including Self-Study. You will have to document your learning, as this product offering is not a CCEs program.



What this isn’t

My style of coaching may not be your preferred style and isn’t the only style of coaching. However you should be able to distinguish coaching skills from your personal preference. It’s easy to have “biased” listening if you are listening for what you like or don’t like. Instead, the invitation is to listen for coaching skills used in response to verbal and non-verbal information given by the client throughout each session, and across sessions.




What you will learn

  • How an experienced coach structures a coaching session, from session agreement to discovery process to awareness and post-session actions

  • The demonstration of each of the eight ICF Core Competencies in each coaching session

  • How to clarify client agenda for each coaching session (Coaching Session Agreement)

  • How to partner with the client to determine what to explore in each coaching session

  • How a coach uses client information to craft customized questions and observations

  • Where you can improve your own coaching capabilities, by listening to the way an experienced coach works with a client over many sessions.



What’s included

  • Private password-protected access to listen to the audio recording of each coaching session, which range between 43 – 59 minutes each

  • A transcript of each coaching session, so you can read, not just listen to the session.

  • A Core Competency Worksheet (CCW) prepared by Carly Anderson, using the updated ICF PCC Markers assessing information, along with Carly’s Ten Characteristics of MCC skill level distinctions. This gives you an analysis of the coaching skills used in each session, and insight into the credential level demonstrated in each session. There are Strengths and Development Opportunities given for each session.

  • Listening access for one full year from date of purchase.


    These are Priceless to have access to…

    Seriously, in my 23+ years as a professionally trained coach, as a trainer of coaches, mentor coach and ICF Assessor, I’ve never heard of being able to listen to 3 consecutive coaching sessions with a Master Coach, let alone 15 consecutive sessions. This is such a rare gift, where the circumstances aligned between coach and client.


    Purchase Options to access recordings, transcripts and core competency Worksheets

    Payment options are further below. There are five series, each containing 3 consecutive coaching sessions:

    Series 1: Sessions 1, 2, 3 (a total of 144 minutes of coaching)

    Series 2: Sessions 4, 5, 6 (a total of 156 minutes of coaching)

    Series 3: Sessions 7, 8, 9 (a total of 153 minutes of coaching)

    Series 4: Sessions 10, 11, 12 (a total of 167 minutes of coaching)

    Series 5: Refer to below in Bonus!



    If Series 1 through 4 access is purchased within a 3 month period (that’s a total of 12 sessions), then you can ask to receive Series 5 (Sessions 13, 14 and 15) as bonus sessions to listen to. Yes, for free!

    Series 5: Sessions 13, 14, 15 (a total of 156 minutes of coaching)



    Content of each Coaching Session

    I’ve named each coaching session so you have an idea of the focus and theme. While no two coaching sessions are the same, you’ll hear some underlying themes that flow through many sessions.


    Series 1

    Session One: Confidence, and the Horse!

    Session Two: The Voice Inside that Ruminates, and the Black Heart!

    Session Three: The Train metaphor; examining Habits, Strengths, and finding Humor in times of Uncertainty

    For more details including how to purchase Series 1, click here



    Series 2

    Session Four: What’s my Value, at Work?

    Session Five: The Emotional Roller-coaster

    Session Six: From Feelings of Lack, to Feeling Satisfied

    For more details including how to purchase Series 2, click here



    Series 3

    Session Seven: The Necklace, the Dark Side, and the Falling Earphone!

    Session Eight: Anxiety, and Downward Dog

    Session Nine: Volunteer Leadership, and the Ice cream Truck!

    For more details including how to purchase Series 3, click here



    Series 4

    Session Ten: Exploring Authentic Friendships; connection/disconnection and Relationship with Self

    Session Eleven: The Explosion

    Session Twelve: Taking on (too much) Responsibility

    For more details including how to purchase Series 4, click here



    Series 5

    Session Thirteen: Untangling Thoughts, and the Confetti Balloon

    Session Fourteen: When is Good, Good Enough, and Bible Moments

    Session Fifteen: Liberating from the box of judgment

    For more details including how to purchase Series 5, click here




    There are two types of access, all of which give you one year of access to listen to these recordings, from date of purchase:

    Individual coach access

    To purchase an individual Series, please go to the Series page, which you access by clicking on links above.
    $395 USD per Series. Or pay $1580 USD which includes Series 1 – 4, plus free access to Series 5.

    Butterfly on the Wall Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Individual Coach Access
    Butterfly on the Wall Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Individual Coach Access
    For Individual Coach Access: Includes access to listen to all 15 coaching sessions, including bonus sessions 13, 14, and 15, for one year from date of purchase. Plus downloadable transcript and core competency worksheet. Investment is US dollars.
    Price: $1,580.00


    Coaching Training Skills Provider Access

    To purchase an individual series, please go to the Series page, which you access by clicking on links above.
    $750 USD per Series. Or pay $2995 USD which includes Series 1 – 4, plus free access to Series 5.
    This option allows you to provide access to students in your programs, for full 1 year from date of purchase. A discounted rate is given for year 2 onward of access.

    Butterfly on the Wall Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Coach Training Provider Access
    Butterfly on the Wall Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Coach Training Provider Access
    Coach Training Provider Access: Includes access for your students to listen to all 15 coaching sessions, including bonus sessions 13, 14, and 15, for one year from date of purchase. Plus downloadable transcript and core competency worksheet. Investment is US dollars.
    Price: $2,995.00