Coaching Presence, Self-Care, and Serving Clients

rechargingIt’s mid-Summer here in Southern California and I’m in my element! I’m a Summer gal who loves the ocean and being in hot weather.

This year, my husband and I are not going on a big vacation overseas so I’ve designed my Summer in a way that feels great for me. The intent is to enjoy my Summer, and adjust my work schedule to take advantage of ocean time and other activities. And to do a major cleanout….

I share this with you because as coaches, it’s in our best interest to enjoy our life, and to design in time and activities that nourish us. When we take care of ourselves, recharge, and/or keep ourselves at our best emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and social levels, we are doing the work that allows us to be most available to our clients.

I certainly don’t want anyone coaching me who is stressed, overwhelmed, overworked and low in their personal energy reserves. Even if coaches hide their emotions from their client, you can often feel an energy and a holding back, and energetically you could be communicating more than you think you are.

For those of you who know The Target Approach, I put Coaching Presence in the middle of the target because our Presence informs everything about the way we are Being as a coach. 

For this article, I’ll share with you some of my personal recharge practices, some more for this Summer time of year, and others ongoing. As you read them, I hope it will inspire you to further engage in renewal activities, and on an ongoing basis.

Get into the Ocean – wetsuit and all!

Carly wetsuitIt may be high Summer here in Southern California, but the ocean water is still too cold for me! It’s between high 60’s and low 70’s. I prefer low 80’s myself! So instead of whining about the water being too cold, I bought a wetsuit last Summer. I take it to the beach, test the water (nope too cold), then put on my wetsuit and I happily go into the ocean and float around. I wish I’d had this mindset shift years ago as Summer at the beach in SoCal would have been so much more pleasant for me!laguna beach

Sometimes I go to the beach alone, sometimes with my girlfriend, sometimes with my husband. During July and August, I look for one day during M-F where I can go to a Bikram Yoga class, then off to the ocean afterward. I take my beach tent, chair, towel, some food, and stay for as long as I want. This is usually between 2-3 hours then I’m ready to leave. So staying the ‘right’ amount of time for me is part of the recharge strategy. No pressure on how long to stay, or when I must leave.

Great Summer Cleanout

Back in May, when I knew we’d be staying home over the Summer, I thought about a project I wanted to engage with: go through EVERY drawer, closet, everything….and either clean it, keep it, or donate it. I started late June on the physical part of this cleanout, and so far have taken numerous loads of items to Goodwill. I’ve shredded so many pieces of paper and can’t believe how much I had to shred!

I probably have another week of the physical cleanout, then some painting and repairs. My husband and I are about 70% through the garage. And next will be my computer. I’m so organized with my folders but there are tons of folders that have items in them I know I don’t need to keep any longer.

So my great Summer Cleanout continues, within a completion date of August 31, 2016!

Short vacations

grottoLast week, my husband and I took 2 nights/3 days out at a Desert Oasis, literally! About 2 hours drive from home is Two Bunch Palms in Desert Hot Springs, where natural mineral water comes from the ground and is pumped into two pools of different temperatures in “The Grotto” (see photo). One pool is around 105F, the other around 95F. And the surroundings are so beautiful. The day temperature was 116F and way too hot for many. But we love the environment, and being in The Grotto when only 2-6 people are around, well it’s heavenly. To watch the stars from The Grotto at 10pm at night was divine. Both of us felt recharged after our short vacation.

We plan another short vacation end of August somewhere in a short drive, for our Wedding Anniversary (15th!)

Sport, sport and more sport!

I am a passionate lover of high performance sport and it’s the main thing I watch on television. I record a lot of sport, then fast forward through bits.

July had a lot of sport from Europe, so I made sure I didn’t schedule client work until later in the morning, so I could watch recordings (or real time) of the Tour de France, Wimbledon, and four Grand Prix. I watched A LOT of tennis too.

I enjoy seeing the temperament of high performance athletes and how they deal with the pressure of the moment. This often informs my coaching with the leadership and executive clients I work with. How do they handle pressure, and your emotions, plus the physical element of sport. I hadn’t watched the Tour de France before, but now have another level of appreciation for the incredible athletes, and teamwork, required to win this grueling event.

And soon the Olympics will commence, and I’ll be watching!

Ongoing renewal practices

Bikram Yoga

bikramThis has been a staple practice for me for over 8 years now. So what if it’s hot outside! I still go to a class 2-4 times per week in a 100-105F heated room. I feel detoxed, stretched, and refreshed.

Candlelit Bath

One of my favorite ongoing renewal activities is a nightly bath by candelight, with Epsom salts. I don’t recall the last time I took a bath that wasn’t candlelit. I love the ambience. My bathroom is painted in a spa-like color above the tiles of a calming green.


This is one practice I’ve noticed I’ve shifted over the Summer. Less formal meditation classes and more being meditation areapresent, conscious breathing, and ‘being’ at the beach. Meditation and mindfulness are not only about sitting on a mat; they’re about taking that approach out into daily life. Being in ocean (and mineral spring) water tends to have a meditative effect on me, so more time in the water, and feet in the sand, the more meditation time I’m getting!

Well that’s some of my practices. There are more….maybe for future article! I hope you have a great Summer (or Winter) designing your time and activities to nourish and recharge you, so you can be your best in life, for yourself, your friends, family, and your clients.

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