ICF launching Team Coaching Accreditation and Advanced Certification

All information in this article is quoted from ICF web pages, and therefore is the “property” of the International Coaching Federation. My intent is to bring awareness to these new ICF offerings ~ Carly

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ~ Hellen Keller

In 2020, ICF released Team Coaching Competencies which you can find here

More information on the ICF Team Coaching Competencies can be found on this page

“Team coaching is critical to harness teams’ collective expertise, energy and experience to accelerate performance and improve results within a team and across an organization.”

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“Effective teamwork has a significant impact on organizational performance — whether it’s in a hospital operating room, across virtual offices of a multinational company, or around a small conference table of a local nonprofit. But great teams don’t just happen,” said Carrie Abner, Vice President of ICF Credentials and Standards. “Team coaching can be a vital element to the success of teams.”


From 2023, ICF will add two offerings;

ICF Accreditation in Team Coaching (AATC)

In any profession, proper preparation typically begins with education. With the ICF Accreditation in Team Coaching (AATC), coaches will be able to easily identify and trust in specialized education programs that will prepare them for the team coaching discipline as well as for the advanced individual certification.

This accreditation aligns with the requirements of the second offering (ACTC), so individual coach practitioners will have a straightforward, simple education path towards achieving the advanced individual certification.


ICF Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC)

Coach practitioners will be able to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities in team coaching.

The rigor of the ICF ACTC is significant, with requirements for education, experience, guided reflective practice and an independent assessment designed for team coaches by team coaches. This rigor allows earners to truly distinguish themselves in the marketplace as an advanced practitioner.

Go to this page for more information on ICF Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC):


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