ICF announces changes to their coaching training provider accreditation system

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This article is being published on December 15, 2021. This timeless quote is a reminder for me to be grateful for today, to be Present Today. As we near the end of the Gregorian Calendar year, I’m grateful for my health, a safe home, a loving husband, people who care, and clients who gift me every day with their vulnerability and authenticity.

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On November 15, 2021, ICF announced long overdue changes to their system of accreditation to approve coach training providers, including a name change from ICF Coach Training to ICF Coaching Education (which is considered a more inclusive term than Training).

Some of the purposes for this change are to make it easier to understand ICF accreditation in the marketplace, and to align designations with the three credential levels ICF offers.

AND for the first time ever, ICF has an accreditation level for advanced coaching education to prepare for MCC credential application! This new designation for coaching training represents a positive step in the process for ICF to promote the Path of Development from ACC (beginner) to PCC (intermediate) to MCC (mastery) coaching skill.

ICF current coaching education designations use the acronyms ACTP and ACSTH which are cumbersome even to pronounce, and to understand in the coaching education marketplace. It hasn’t been easy to identify how these designations align with training to meet the three different ICF credential levels of ACC, PCC, MCC coaching skill.

An important note relevant to the coaches I mentor is that the Portfolio Path for each credential level remains. This means an Applicant can continue to submit coaching education that includes Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units and/or non-approved training. However, you are required to provide documentation that demonstrates how the coaching education received aligns with the ICF Code of Ethics and ICF Core Competencies.

The Mentor Coaching Program I lead through my company, Full Being Coaching, Inc. has held continuous Core Competency CCEs since 2013. Mentor Coaching Graduates of my programs will still be able to use these CCEs to supplement toward their coaching education hours requirements for each initial credential application.

If you’d like to go directly to the ICF website for all the updated information, here’s the link https://coachingfederation.org/coaching-education


Here is a brief overview of the changes:

ICF will retire their ACTP and ACTSH designations from January 7, 2022 and commence accepting new applications from January 10, 2022. Current coaching education providers will have until December 31, 2022 to meet new accreditation standards and requirements.

The new accreditation system is:

  • Level 1 Accreditation (formerly ACSTH) is for organizations that offer at least 60 contact learning hours, and it is designated as a pathway to the ACC credential.
  • Level 2 Accreditation (formerly ACTP) is for organizations that offer at least 125 contact learning hours, and it is designated as a pathway to the PCC credential.
  • Level 3 Accreditation, a brand-new offering, is for organizations that offer at least 75 advanced contact learning hours, and it is designated as a pathway to the MCC credential.


Here’s a comparison chart between the legacy and updated accreditation levels:


For your credential application (MCC, PCC, ACC) ICF will continue to accept your coaching education that occurs in the old system (ACTP, ACSTH).

In Closing…

This is a welcome upgrade to ICF Coaching Education branding in the marketplace, as well as providing a Path of Development for coaches in choosing appropriate level of coaching education. If you have questions about specific requirements for your coaching education, please check the ICF website for live Q&A webinars, which you may find scrolling down this page. Or email support@coachingfederation.org


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