Coaching Presence – dance with your coaching client

Great coaching is a flow of energy between coach and client, where you can’t tell who is leading and who is following.

This can be a difficult concept to grasp if you are identified with being in control, like running a training or consulting session.

In a coaching session, there is an energetic dance that occurs where the coach is trusting their knowledge of the coaching process. They are accessing their intuition and gut responses and offering them to the client, without expectation of the client accepting what they say as being ‘right.’

The coach allows themselves to be guided by the client as to where to go next in the coaching session. They ask the client where they want to start instead of choosing the direction of the coaching. There is an honoring and respect for the client that allows the client to explore what is right for them.

The coach is willing to challenge the client’s beliefs, yet it’s done in such a way that there is no challenge to the client being ‘wrong’ for how they are, or who they are. The energy can be light and playful, even with the most serious topic.

What I describe is all part of Coaching Presence, which is ‘the’ target competency in The Target Approach model that I have developed. In that model, I explain the Target Competencies, and how to work with the flow between the coaching process, your intution, your listening, your questions, reflections and messages.

Just writing about the energetic dance between coach and client makes me feel invigorated. There is nothing better than that for me, because magic always seems to occur. Problems are just the raw material that provides the opportunity for transformation. Clients feel invigorated and empowered in the dance, and more action and productivity seems to naturally occur.


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