Celebrating Master Certified Coaches

Every year, our professional association, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) puts focus on the positive impact and power of coaching skills, and of course, coaches in the world. This year, International Coaching Week (ICW) is from May 17-23, 2021. This post is my participation in that celebration, and in particular to honor some coaches.


Why the number 97?

As at writing this blog article, since 2013, I’m aware of 97 MCC credentialed coaches I’ve personally mentored for 10+ hours, who then applied for and passed their ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential. I’m so honored to work with so many amazing coaches, from over 24 countries (so far).

You can read about some of these coaches on my Real People Page

Thank you for choosing me as your mentor coach. Your depth of curiosity pushed me to better articulate PCC to MCC competency distinctions. Thank you for all you’ve given to me in the process, including some beautiful friendships.


Honoring Gideon Culman, MCC

This is a surprise for Gideon. He approved me highlighting his Master Coach Collection in this article, yet wasn’t aware I was going to also highlight him (surprise!)

You’ll find information about an AMAZING collection of MCC interviews by Gideon, further into this article.

As you can see on the Real People page, I had the great honor of mentoring Gideon during 2020 in preparation to submit for the MCC credential, which he was awarded October 2020. Yes, during the pandemic, working from home with his young family!

Gideon lives in Washington, DC. My experience of him is of a wise, thoughtful, caring, humble, super smart, authentic person, with an amazing learning mindset.

Gideon speaks (at least?) 2 other languages besides English; Chinese, which he taught himself when he briefly lived in China, I think as part of his college education. Gideon and I were communicating about me highlighting his project (below) in this article for ICW and he said he was about to coach in German, in fact his exact words were, “I’ve not really had much experience speaking German since I graduated from high school in Germany 23 years ago, but I figure I might as well.” That is the spirit of Gideon; he’s willing to be vulnerable, uncomfortable, and learn in the process.

Gideon bakes amazingly beautiful challah loaves (I’ve seen a picture of his beautiful baking). He is a devoted husband, and father. Anybody who is lucky enough to be coached by Gideon, is going to experience a “fully Presenced” master coach.


The Master Coach Collection, by Gideon Culman, MCC

After becoming an MCC coach, Gideon had a vision of speaking with other MCC coaches, to get to know them as human beings. In a few short months, so far, Gideon has interviewed 24 MCC coaches, and a lot more will be interviewed as part of his Master Coach Collection.


Here’s Gideon in his own words for how this project came about;

“Earlier this year I took a long walk to shake off a bad case of the winter blues, and the idea of the Master Coach Collection podcast came to me. My son Isaac is six years old. He’s my biggest champion, always quick to remind me, “You’re a Master Certified Coach!” I’ve had mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, pride. On the other hand, a yearning for him to grasp what it means to be an MCC, which is a distinction I hold sacred.

Over the past few months I’ve been thinking of ways to show him who I am professionally. For instance, I’ve had clients consent to having Isaac observe sessions. But during this walk I was thinking of more I could do. It occurred to me I could speak to other MCCs about who they are, and then a floodgate opened.

Most information available about MCCs on the web feels quite transactional. When we view MCCs through the lens of earning potential or session cost, we’re missing the richest part of who we are by a few solar systems. We’re the people who’ve dedicated our professional lives to seeing and hearing others so thoroughly that it’s shocking.

This is the story I want to tell, one MCC at a time, and show anyone who’s interested in looking, including Isaac. I’m creating a gallery of rich conversations with MCCs that I hope people will enjoy getting lost in. I’m not out for anyone to learn tips or tricks; I’m out to create an experience of keeping remarkably good company.”


What am amazing opportunity to get to know MCC coaches! I’m interview number 11. Interview number 2 is with Michael Stratford, my husband of 20 years, and the person most responsible for me being the person, the coach and mentor coach I’ve become, and keep evolving into.

Here’s where you’ll find the Master Coach Collection

Here’s Gideon’s website K Street Coaching

To all the masterful coaches in the world who are dedicated to further mastering their coaching skills, in service of transformational coaching, I Honor You.

“Gratitude is not about what is received; it’s about how you receive what is there.”
(from the tag on my recent Yogi Ginger Tea bag – inspiration can come from many places 😊)


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