ICF announces coronavirus resource page for coaches and their clients

life careCovid-19 (coronavirus) has made it so clear to me (and all) how interconnected our world is. A virus which began in Wuhan, China, is moving around the world, creating so many life-changing situations for so many. My heart is with us all as we navigate as a global family.

Life care is a term I’ve started using, and not a term I’ve felt a need to use before. Life care is more important than anything else.

Magda Mook, CEO/Executive Director of International Coaching Federation (ICF) has released a short video reminding us coaches that we are in the business of caring for people.

ICF has also set up a resource webpage for coaches to be informed on the virus, to support their clients, as well as providing resources for shifting from in-person to virtual coaching and training.

Fear is part of the human experience. At the same time, to hold the positive aspect of what is occurring. I believe the statistics are that around 97% of people who have tested positive to Covid-19, are alive and recovered or recovering.

I choose to focus on that number, while being very conscious of my behavior. Be conscious of my mindset and emotions, not discount them. When the fear comes, to be with that, to acknowledge it, thank it for reminding me that I’m human. And move back to what’s in my control to do, and be in this moment, where my life experience is health and life giving.

I’ve written an article on what we can do (think and feel) during this coronavirus induced slowdown.

Yours in Life, and Care,

Carly Anderson