FAQ’s – background of how I became a coach

I’m often asked these questions: What is your background before becoming a coach? How did you become a coach?

Response: I started out in the media department of an advertising agency, became a national training manager for a contract cleaning company, before starting my own consulting business. That’s quite a varied background!

While staffing on a seminar late in 1997, a colleague told me he was bringing the first live coach training program to Australia, and he thought I’d make a great coach. I was stunned! I didn’t think of myself as a ‘people person’ but as a busineswoman. He sent me the brochure and in March 1998, I participated in that first training program. It was life-changing for me, and I’ve been coaching ever since.

If you’d like to know a bit more, listen to this short recording below where I was asked to share more about my background and how I became a coach.