Coach as Agenda-less Observer


coaching without an agendaAs coaches, one of the valuable coaching tools we bring is the power of the agenda-less observer. We are a fresh pair of eyes and ears.

Many of my clients say this is why they appreciate having me as their coach, especially with my Leadership Coaching with Technical Leaders. They know I have no ulterior motive or agenda, other than to support their success (which you could say is an agenda :-). I’m not inside the company as an employee, so they feel safer to be more truthful. Of course, this trust is only there if you keep your strong ethical boundaries in the coach-client relationship.

Are you being the agenda-less observer for your coaching clients?

Where do you get hooked and lose your unencumbered status? It’s easier to get hooked when you have a corporate client and there is a sponsor who is different than your coachee. You have to create clear boundaries and agreements around what will be shared with whom, and by whom.

It’s worth periodically reviewing the ICF Code of Ethics to ensure you are adhering to Professional Conduct  and Confidentiality with clients.

I’m curious to know what keeps you in the state of being the agenda-less observer as a coach?

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