Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy


Refund Policy for Fees incurred using PayPal

PayPal changed their fees refund policy on May 7, 2019 and are no longer refunding fees incurred in the transaction. As such, if a refund is issued, it will be less actual PayPal fees incurred. PLEASE NOTE that if you accidentally pay for a product or service more than once, and request a refund of the overpaid amounts immediately, the overpaid amounts will be refunded, less PayPal fees incurred. Over payment most commonly occurs when you press the Pay button more than once, instead of waiting for the transaction to process. Be patient. It could be your Server or internet connection is slow, and processing time is longer. Wait until you receive notification that the transaction is complete.


Policy for Mentor Coaching Services

100% refund within 45 days of payment, less PayPal or processing fees incurred, provided the mentoring program has not yet commenced.

Any refunds given after 45 days from payment and before start date of mentoring program will receive a refund of the full amount less a 4% admin fee, and less actual PayPal or processing fees incurred.

No refund will be given after the start date of the program.


Policy for Digital Products

No refunds are given unless there is a technical issue with the product that cannot be resolved.