Establishing the Coaching Agreement

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  • Do you struggle with how to establish the coaching session focus for each coaching session?
  • Do you wonder how to go beyond a “check the boxes” mentality with this competency?
  • Do you know how to stay focused on the client-desired agenda throughout a coaching session?

Your ability to pass any ICF credential exam depends on demonstrating this core competency well. For MCC skill level, the ability to master this competency is vital to passing.


You wouldn’t go to a business or personal meeting without knowing the agenda for that meeting as you know, the meeting can meander, and be unproductive.

The same applies to each coaching session; knowing the client-desired session outcome can significantly increase client results, and satisfaction with their coaching experience.

Let’s take a deep dive into the Coaching Session Agreement core competency.

I’ve listened to and assessed many hundreds of coaching sessions for MCC, PCC and ACC credential applicants, as well as for my ongoing mentoring work with The Mentor Coaching Group and working with individual mentoring clients

Any coach can increase their mastery of this competency for their client’s benefit.


Note: The ICF released their Updated Core Competency Model in October 2019. I will be creating a new version of Establishing the Coaching Agreement (date yet to be determined). The ICF is not changing any of their assessing criteria for 2020. I do not perceive anything different from what is already known about this important core competency, just some change in wording and an emphasis on Partnering with the client to define the client desired session agenda for each coaching session. In The Upgraded Target Approach, I give depth of distinctions of what Partnering means, and especially for setting the coaching session agreement.

What You’ll Learn!

  • how the coaching session agreement works in real life that includes an overview of The Target Approach
  • 5 crucial components that make up every coaching session agreement
  • 4 other coaching session contracting components you must be attentive to
  • how our mindset affects our ability to set the coaching session agreement
  • discussion of the “What to Who” continuum
  • coaching session agreement distinctions by ACC, PCC and MCC level including discussion of the PCC Markers

Here’s What You’ll Receive!

  • Access for one year to listen to three separate audio visual recordings narrated by Carly totaling 60 minutes
  • An MP3 of each audio visual recording so you can listen to them wherever you want to
  • A PDF of each audio visual recording file
  • Access for one year to three recorded coaching sessions of Carly coaching. Listen to these as many times as you wish and notice how she works with the coaching agreement

Upon purchase, you will have immediate access to all materials.

Establishing the Coaching Agreement Product
Establishing the Coaching Agreement Product
Establishing the Coaching Agreement product bundle. Access is for up to 1 year from date of purchase.
Price: $199.00