Individual Mentoring Sessions Package

Meets ICF requirements for 10 mentor coaching hours

For coaches preparing to apply for their MCC or PCC credential, or who want to hone their coaching skills at MCC or PCC skill level.

Work with Carly Anderson, an MCC coach with extensive experience as a Mentor Coach, and an active ICF Assessor since 2005. I have listened to hundreds of credential applicant coaching (and continue to do so every week). I’ve been trained in the ICF PCC Markers Assessing System, as well as ICF Assessing systems for MCC (and) ACC skill performance evaluations. You can learn more about my qualifications here



  • Ten hours of customized mentoring “voice-to-voice”  time with Carly, via zoom web conference
  • One additional zoom web conference to “design our alliance” of 1 hour to partner on how the 10 hours will be structured, and an orientation of the extensive Member-Only resources
  • Verbal feedback on up to 5 of your coaching session recordings, plus a written core competency worksheet for each recording
  • Some of the ten hours will include time discussing core competency distinctions at the skill level you are studying (either MCC or PCC)
  • This is a minimum of 3 consecutive months, with a maximum of 5 consecutive months to complete. Additional 2 months is in case you need additional time to integrate learning from each mentoring session



  • Access to 40+ exclusive recordings of MCC, PCC and ACC coaching sessions so you can hone your distinctions at the MCC or PCC skill level by listening. Approximately 20 recordings are of ICF passed MCC skill level recordings
  • Clarity on the ICF concept of “Partnering” and how it is demonstrated to meet the ICF definition of coaching, and specific core competency demonstration
  • Clarity about the difference between Who versus What coaching, at MCC or PCC skill level
  • Access to exclusive client-only resources and gifts to support your learning and development



You must be already be engaged in mentor coaching, training coaches, or very familiar using the ICF Core Competencies, ICF ACC Behaviors or ICF PCC Markers.



There are limited places available depending on my availability. You cannot pay for this package without an interview to discuss your specific needs, and to determine client-coach compatibility.



Once you’ve reviewed this page, please email me and let me know why you’d like to have private mentoring instead of attending the (robust) Mentor Coaching Program



$4500 USD, payable in three consecutive monthly installments of $1500 each.