Coaching Session Review Package

Some of this package may meet ICF requirements for some mentor coaching hours (depending on how the minutes are structured)

This is for coaches who:

  • want to ‘sharpen the saw’ and receive written core competency feedback from an experienced coach, and active ICF Assessor. This can help if you are a mentor coach, trainer of coaches, or a coach with a learning mindset who wants to improve their coaching skills.
  • have applied in the past for an ICF credential and not passed. This will give you access to bona fide recordings of coaching sessions which have passed. You will soon be able to self-assess your strengths, and your gaps to work with toward the credential level you are seeking. Note: There are at least 25 MCC recordings for you to review!
  • get a second opinion on your coaching recordings before submitting to ICF for your credential.

This package includes 200 minutes of time, plus member-only access to Carly’s exclusive library of coaching recordings that have passed the ICF MCC, PCC and ACC Performance Evaluation exam process. 

You will have access to listen to over 40 exclusive recordings of MCC, PCC and ACC coaching sessions to help you prepare, along with access to many other support materials to increase your coaching confidence and competence.

This is an invaluable opportunity to hear coaching at different skill levels and evaluate as many as you want to.

You also have the optional opportunity to evaluate any of the recordings using our core competency worksheet. If you send it to Carly, you will receive back our core competency worksheet for the same recording for your comparison and learning.

You can use your 200 minutes of time in a number of ways such as:

  • send Carly your coaching session recording to review. If it’s a 36 minute session, that exact amount of time will be deducted from your 200 minutes. Carly will provide detailed, written feedback by core competency (which will not subtract from your 200 minutes)
  • schedule a 30 minute mentoring debrief session via zoom to discuss a recording Carly has reviewed for you. This use of minutes may count as mentor coaching time as it’s “voice-to-voice,” which is an ICF requirement for mentor coaching to be counted as such.
  • send Carly a recording of a coaching session you are evaluating for your own mentor coaching client. Or for your coach training program (as long as you have permission to do so). The same applies as outlined above in terms of exact minutes of the recording will be subtracted from your 200 minutes, but not Carly’s preparation time to write up a detailed core competency worksheet.
  • schedule a 30 minute session with Carly to discuss core competency distinctions in more depth, and by credential level.

This package expires 4 months from date of purchase. Unused minutes are forfeited after 4 months.


“Carly, thank you so much for your guidance and support during this process. I never thought that this kind of [supplemental] mentoring would be effective without seeing and talking. You demonstrated this is such a powerful way, with your resources including listening to recordings that have passed MCC. And your detailed written Core Competency feedback sheets were so clear with strengths and development opportunities.

Working with Carly was a life-changed experience for me. I could feel you close, pushing me forward and encouraging me to give my best. Carly helped me tremendously making my dream come true, becoming a Master Certified Coach (MCC).”

Andrea Fleischfresser, MCC LinkedIn Profile


Coaching Session Review Package –  $1950 USD

Please contact me first before purchasing this package, as I want to ensure this is the best product purchase for your circumstances. Then I will supply information on how to pay.

Coaching Session Review Package
Coaching Session Review Package
Includes 200 minutes of time with Carly Anderson, MCC to review coaching recordings for your professional growth and/or toward your ICF credential application. Package expires 4 months from date of purchase.
Price: $1,950.00