Butterfly on the Wall Private Series Five

Thank you for purchasing access the “Butterfly on the Wall” Series Five!

This is for your confidential, individual access only, and is available to you for one year from date of purchase. If you purchased the coach training provider option, please ensure the purchaser is communicating that access to these recordings is for students in their program only.


This is a unique opportunity to listen to consecutive coaching sessions thirteen, fourteen and fifteen between coach, Carly Anderson and her client.

My wish is that by listening to these recordings, you will learn about the ICF core competencies and the coaching skills they represent.


For each recording, you will find:

  • a transcript to download, so you can read as you listen
  • a Core Competency Worksheet (CCW)prepared by Carly, based on being an active ICF Assessor since 2005, and having over 100 coaches she’s mentored pass their MCC exam, along with mentoring hundreds of coaches who passed their PCC and ACC exams. The CCW is designed to give you an evidence-based approach into the coaching skills demonstrated.


Please, do not download the coaching recordings from this page, to protect the privacy of the client.


While the client has given her full permission for these recordings to be used in this way, it is with the agreement that you keep the recordings for your confidential listening only.

If you have any questions about the recordings, or encounter any technical issues, please contact me


Transcripts and Core Competency Worksheets

Click here to access downloadable transcripts and core competency worksheets for the three recordings below.

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Coaching Session #13 – Untangling Thoughts, and the Confetti Balloon!

In this session, the client explores how to untangle her negative thoughts, and what keeps pulling her back to those thoughts. There’s use of client metaphor including different colors client associates with her thoughts, and client somatic information as she uses gestures to communicate. Fun and lightheartedness enter the conversation, through the avenue of confetti!

Session length: 51 minutes



Coaching Session #14 – When is Good, Good Enough, and Bible Moments

In this session, the client explores another relatable topic; when is good, good enough? High performers with high self-expectations often feel pressure to do more, creating a personal challenge of not knowing when to stop and enjoy life more. The client wants to explore moving from her comfort zone of Doing to her free zone of Being more, and client comes up with Bible Moments as one way to do that. There are some recurring themes from previous coaching sessions, including around perfection, value, and being of value.

Coach demonstrates spaciousness throughout this session; there is no sense of hurrying the client. There is often silence between when client stops speaking and the client begins to speak, oftentimes because coach is observing client is writing notes and allowing her all the time she needs to capture whatever she wants to. This demonstrates coach attention to client preference of writing.


Session length: 50 minutes




Coaching Session #15 – Liberating from the Box of Judgment

This is a relatable topic for many people; the client wants to explore how to avoid judging people and putting them into a box or labeling them. The client refers to her experiences of growing up in a country with unrest, and how that impacts her perceptions of certain people. The client is seeking “liberation” from her “triggers” so she can “be of service in the right way, to my community.” There’s a revisiting of learning about her “horse” experience, which was explored in session one.


Session length: 55 minutes