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This is where you’ll find documents provided by the ICF for credentialing and other resources. Please let me know if there is anything I’ve missed adding, or you know there is a more recent version of.

ICF also provides a PDF pro-forma copy of each credential application. Please go to the ICF website, click on ICF Credential, and go to the credential you are applying for, where you’ll see the button that says Download Sample Application.

I recommend you use that sample document to collect all of the information you need for your application. The ICF upgraded their admin systems in May 2019, and you can now progressively enter your application data, save it for another time, then add to it again later when you complete all of the requirements and are ready to submit your application form.

This is the same for Credential renewals. As soon as you have confirmation from ICF of your current renewal, you can begin to input your CCEs certificates and when you have collected 40 hours, you can submit. For example, my MCC credential renewal is end of 2019, and I submitted my 40 hours of CCEs in April, 2019. So I’m already collecting for my next renewal cycle. I don’t have to wait until 2020 to begin.


ICF Updated Core Competency Model

On November 14, 2019, ICF widely released the first update to the ICF Core Competencies in nearly 25 years! It will take until 2021 before any credential assessing changes will be implemented. Here’s an article I wrote on November 15, 2019 on this updated model.

Here’s the ‘original’ ICF Core Competencies, still in use during 2020.

ICF Credential Fact Sheet

ICF Ethics Course From credential renewals due December 2016, everyone needs to complete a minimum of 3 hours of Ethics CCE’s. Here’s the ICF free online course that meets those requirements.

ICF PCC Markers (released June 2014)

ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) and here’s the ICF website link to CKA

ICF Credential Paths


ICF Competencies Comparison Table (Competency by Competency ACC/PCC/MCC. The PCC column is no longer used as PCC markers have replaced)


The following documents and ICF website information had slight word changes in January 2019. 

ICF ACC Minimim Skills Requirements by Competency or go here on ICF website

ICF PCC Minimum Skills Requirements by Competency or go here on ICF website

For PCC, pay attention first to the PCC Markers, more than the PCC Minimum Skills Requirements.

ICF MCC Minimum Skills Requirements by Competency or go here on ICF website


For MCC (and ACC) skill level, this is the scoring system that is used for ICF assessing

You do not need to submit your Coaching Log to ICF unless you are audited and requested to submit your log.

ICF Coaching Log Template


Client Permission to record/release recording to ICF

For latest information on recording information (ICF refers to them as “Performance Evaluations”), go to this page on the ICF website.

The ICF requires you to confirm you have written permission from your client in the recording/s you submit, to record them for your credentialing and mentoring purposes. However, you are no longer required to submit that permission form, only if requested. You will attest in your online application form that you have received such permission. ICF also suggests only referring to your client by first name on the recording, not by last name as well. This isn’t a deal breaker to submit such a recording to ICF if that occurs. It’s to protect your client privacy. Also, ICF sometimes uses recordings for training purposes and won’t use such recordings with last name of client spoken on the recording.