Fran FisherMy peer, Fran Fisher, MCC, did a wonderful job of explaining the distinctions between each element of the coaching agreement using the PCC Markers. No matter what credential level you are seeking, or if you want to refresh your memory on how to effectively set the coaching session agreement, I encourage you to listen to the first 29 minutes of this ICF-LA teleclass recording. 

I’m a member of ICF-LA and highly recommend any coach around the world to become a member ($75USD annually) as you get access to a wide variety of teleclasses, even if you never attend in-person meetings.

Here’s a description of the teleclass, and Fran.

Fran has given me permission to share her handout with our mentoring clients. 

First 29 minutes of the teleclass

Here is the rest of the ICF-LA teleclass, where Fran a short demonstration of the coaching agreement and takes questions (52 minutes).